An electric adventure

Alistair Baldwin
January 29, 2023

We have busy so far this year at HQ, after much deliberation and the cost of vans we have decided to buy an electric eco Mini and use it as a small van for zipping around Thanet and cleaning.

Why Electric you say? We have many reasons for this, the first was losing out so much time in September and again last month with these “Fuel Shortages” it made it very difficult for our fleet to operate, the second was dipping our toe in the water for electric as it is a huge change but for us the biggest reason was for the ZERO TAILPIPE EMISSIONS! Thanet is a small area with a large population and a young average age with lots of schools and the cleaner our air the better! We have 3 young children and their future is paramount, health is the most important thing so as long as we are taking steps to use green energy to recharge her then it is a win win on all fronts! The next step is to have solar and battery storage here at the office to make us even more efficient and green. I feel we all forget the planet is not owned by us we share it with millions of species and we can all do something more to help. Investing in the future is huge for us and up there in our list of priorities.

So some of our little stats from real life running…

This little whippet will get to 60 in a shade over 6 seconds

Costs around 1.5p per mile in electricity

Covering around 60 miles on around half of her battery

The energy recovery is incredibly efficient

We can fit 2 members of our team, all our cleaning kit, 3 changes of bedding for properties

Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Huge amount of recycled products in the car production itself

So when you see us zipping about please give us a wave!

Until the next post!

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